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I was born and raised in the pacific northwest. I grew up hunting whitetail, mule deer, elk, bear, cougar, axis deer, hogs, gator, and snakes... I've hunted from Hawaii to Florida and most states in between. I've also fished most those states. If you have any questions about the product here in the northeastern part of Oregon, please contact me.

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Hello! I’m Pro-Staffer Zack collins with Black tail drop zone. I’ve spent several years in the woods hunting with friends and family! Hunting Blacktail and elk is my passion. I have spent all of my time hunting in Oregon and plan to explore other states in the near future. If you have any questions that need to be answered on how to use or how I use Blacktail Drop Zone mineral products in southern Oregon, please shoot me over a message.



My name is Trent Liska I have been hunting since I was in grade school in North Dakota started running trap lines with my grandfather to hunting mainly in my teenage years archery only for whitetails began hunting Oregon in 99 after several shoulder injuries I have been only rifle hunting taking numerous big game species by far my favorite is elk.



Pro staffer squatch aka Brent Fair. Born in California but lived in Oregon my whole life. I grew up spending a lot of time camping in Oregon and most of the western united states. Hunting didn't come till later in my life I'm my kid 20s is when I first went out with my older brother. Needless to say I was hooked, but it wouldn't be till my 30s. When I finally got truly serious about trying to be a hunter and provider instead of a weekend warrior. Now I am trying to pass what I have learned and still learning on to my kids and our customers.



Pro-staffer Keenan Molnar I was born in Las Vegas Nevada and raised out in a small town in Blackwell, Oklahoma. I grew up hunting with my uncle bill in Texas. I moved to southern Oregon 2014, and I've been hunting here for 7 years now where I currently live and I hunt elk, blacktails, mule deer, black bears etc. If you have any questions about how I use Blacktail Drop Zone products, I'll be gladly to help in a way I can.



Will Vann 23 years old hunted blacktail since I could walk with my dad been yawing cameras and minerals for 10 years this product has giving me great results during all of the seasons I bow muzzle loader and rifle hunt have had good success with all three



Hello my names jacob im 25 years old and have used minerals for 7 years till i found blacktail drop zone i had no luck but now i have harvested my first bull elk my love for hunting is strong i have always had a strong passion for learning about the woods i hunt and learn new ways to be successful.



 Kelekolio Paresa Aka DaHawaiianHunta I was born and raised in Hawaii. And I spent 22 years in the Army and retired in 2015. I’ve hunted hogs, Axis deer, mouflon and Spanish goats growing up. I also hunted and fished in Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Georgia, Hawaii and Washington St where I currently reside. If you have any questions about how I Use Blacktail Drop Zone mineral products in a Western Washington please send me a PM/DM.

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Hello, my name is Mason Clack. I have been hunting for my entire life. My favorite animal to hunt is blacktail deer, with elk being a close second. I have been running products for 8 years, but just started using minerals when I stumbled upon Blacktail Drop Zone.



Hello Pro-Staffer Evan Brannock here, I'm Southern Oregon raised for most of my life. Passionate about the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping and exploring as often as i can. i was born with spina bifida but i don't let it slow me down. i use a wheelchair and crutches to get around and a track chair to get outdoors to hunt and explore. i have been fortunate to get the opportunity to hunt and go fishing for multiple species of animals and fish in Wyoming, Alaska and Oregon.



Katie Chrisner, born and raised in southern Oregon and we raise/grow/ hunt all of our food. I'm a disabled vet and own my own taxidermy shop. Been blessed to hunt and fish the east and west coast while traveling for the military. My taxidermy shop is Valkyrie Taxidermy. Please click the links below to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.



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